Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome Meadow Claire!!!

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, I became a mom again. We welcomed Meadow Claire at 10:07am and she is a precious little bunny. I just love every little thing about her. Her birth was beautifully, intensely amazing. So different than Brady's birth and a major difference is that Meadow's birth was unmedicated. I feel that her birth story is so personal and it was such an emotional journey that I actually had trouble documenting it in words. That bothered me at first because my personal journal is such a huge piece of me and to not be able to record one of the most precious days of my life felt very strange. That's why it took me several weeks to actually write Meadow's birth story in my journal, I kept having to come back to it...I didn't know what to say or how to tell the story that was so big inside of me but had no words. I also have a toddler, that probably had something to do with me having to stop several times as well.  : )-

I found comfort in recording the story as too big for words and wrote about the journey being like no other for me, that it was mindfulness embodied, how grateful I was for all of the preparation that I did and all of those that were present for it and immediately following. I pulled from inner strength that I did not know lived in me and that memory will now always be a part of my story. My mind's eye guided me in the brightest way and I felt great shock in the hours and days following Meadow's birth that I actually had the beautiful, natural birth I'd been hoping for over many, many months. Before I learned of Meadow, I knew that was our plan, to bring her into the world naturally and I felt it with every fiber that was how her birth would go and it was just as it should. Just as Brady's amazing birth unfolded as it should.

Meadow is 5 weeks now and we are still in awe of her. I know that will never fade as I look at Brady each day with the same feeling.

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