Holidays 2016

2.18.17 Update
Thanks for visiting!!! Please visit me over at where I'm writing weekly and have a beautiful shop set up for my soap, lip balm & bath salts!

See you there!!

Hi Everyone! Here are the details on my product offerings this holiday season. Thanks for your continued support and I'm expanding my offerings in 2017 with a professional/creative blog and more soapy goodness. I'll be sure to keep you posted.  xoxo marjorie sarah

11/22/16 Update - All of my soap for the holiday season is SOLD OUT! I'm so grateful yet so sorry that I can't meet the demand. What a lesson in learning my personal limitations. I am still able to fulfill orders for lip balm and bath salts and have added an additional holiday gift set (see chart below) with balms and salts. I do have several bars for sale at The Art of It in Jenkintown. I am continuing production and will have more soap available after the holidays. Thanks!!!

A la cart items:

Lip Balm
Bath Salts
Soap/Date avail.
Lavender Orange
Mint Chip
Wild Orange
Marjoram Patchouli
Creamsicle/ 11/13
Fir Needle/ 11/25 
Lavender/ 12/3
Lemongrass/ 12/11
Single tube $3
Trio set (3 tubes) $8
Five pack $13
Ten pack $25
Small bag (6 oz) $5
Large bag (1.5 lbs) $12
4 oz bar $6

2016 Gift Sets:
Holiday Price
Regular Price
$8 Package
1 bar soap & 1 lip balm
$10 Package
2 lip balms & 1 small bath salt bag
$12 Package
1 lip balm trio (3 pack) & 1 small bath salt bag

Q: How do I order?
A: If your order does not contain soap, the paypal "Add to cart" buttons on this site may be used. 
If your order does contain soap or is a gift set, please email me, text me, call me or facebook message me your order, whatever works best for you! My email address is . 

Q: I want to order but don't want to pay shipping, can I pick up my order?
A: Absolutely! I can invoice you so that shipping will not be a line item and we can coordinate a pickup.

*Gift sets come in individual brown gift bags. J *Soap availability is extremely limited.
*All lip balm trios include organza bag packaging.
*Please tell me at time of sale how many organza bags you may need for 5 & 10 pack lip balm packages.
*I’m not currently selling the bath jar salts.
*Payment options include: paypal invoice, check, cash and debit/credit card.

For details on my ingredients and information about the specific products, click HERE.

A message of gratitude to you...

Thank you for supporting my small business. I started this adventure in 2015 because I love lip balm and always wanted to make soap. I had interest in making products for my family and myself and it turned into a way for me to be creative and to share a piece of me with my family and friends. I craft everything by hand and find joy in researching the development of the products, sourcing sustainable ingredients, designing the labels and imagining people using my products in their everyday life. It's nice to create products that are fun, smell nice but are also incredibly necessary and useful.

Using myself as an experiment, I believe that what we put on (and in) our body deeply effects how we feel and how we show up in the world. I've spent the past few years seriously detoxing myself inside and out and am amazed at how different I feel and how I show up because of these changes.

I believe in making things in small batches and infusing them with positive energy and forces. I believe that when your attention follows your intention things can be unbelievably amazing. I also believe that sometimes things are stormy and when the storm comes, the roots that you put down before that storm can help keep you grounded until the skies clear. You are part of that root system for me. Thanks for the support today and always. Live your dharma!

marjorie sarah

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