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2.18.17 update
Thanks for visiting!!! Please visit me over at where I'm writing weekly and have a beautiful shop set up for my soap, lip balm & bath salts!

See you there!!

Lip Balm Prices:

Single tube        $3
Trio (set of 3)    $8
Five pack           $13
Ten pack            $25

The Trio (set of 3) makes a great gift & contains whatever 3 flavors you choose.

For large custom lip balm orders please email me directly at mslipbalm at gmail dot com

For custom orders, I can work with you to create custom text on the labels for bachelorette parties, wedding favors, bridal showers, baby showers or special events. Extra fees apply for custom printing.
Current flavor offerings are:

  1. *mint chip*
  2. *creamsicle*
  3. *lavender orange*
  4.  *lemon*
My lip balms are handmade (by me!) and contain beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. And love, lots of love.

I recommend storing your products away from direct sunlight and using your fresh products immediately. I do not use any synthetic preservatives, therefore, my products are best if enjoyed soon after purchasing.

Soap Prices:

4 0z bar:                  $6
My favorite creation so far: creamsicle soap!

My scent offerings for bar soap include lemongrass, creamsicle, lavender and a limited edition fir needle scent for the holidays 2016. 

My soap ingredients include: saponified oils of olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and they are scented with essential oils. 

Thanks for your patience with my limited inventory! Soap takes at least 6 weeks to cure once it's crafted, so that's why there is a waiting period.

Store your handcrafted soap in a proper soap dish that will ensure it doesn't sit in a puddle...that will help keep it lasting longer. Enjoy!!!

Bath Salt Prices:

Small bag (6 oz)       $5
Large bag (1.5 lbs)   $12

 small bags (right)

My bath salts contain Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt and Certified Pure  Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

My bath salts come in sweet and simple clear, plastic, standing bags.  Great for shipping! This is the packaging for all paypal orders at this time.    

Click the "add to cart" button for online ordering via paypal.

Thanks and I look forward to providing you with an awesome, handmade product! 

Be well,
marjorie sarah

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  1. HiMarjorie, I'm Danny's Aunt Julie and I am hoping I can order some of your products for my daughter's bridal shower in late June. Can you please reach out to me via FB messenger at Julie Rebholz Cherichello. Thanks so much.