Saturday, October 29, 2016

see the good

I usually begin my morning meditations with the line, "Fill yourself up with love and compassion, you are a worthwhile and compassionate being." Sometimes it just feels right and sometimes I need the reminder.

I listen to a lot of personal development content and it consistently reminds me to see the good in everything that comes my way. Most of the time this task comes naturally to me, so I enjoy it. Sometimes I'm consumed with anxiety and all I can see is blurry tension, but those occurrences have definitely decreased in the past few years.

When I'm in line at a store and someone comments on "How scary the world is today," or "How crazy everyone is," or "How it's different today than it used to be," (and by different they mean terrible) ... I just say "Hm." What I want to say is, "When I look for good and beauty, I see it everywhere." Or, "Statistically speaking, it's technically safer these days than it was when my parents grew up, crime rates are actually lower." Thanks for pointing that one out to me Emily!

I always want to choose to see the good. The good in people, the good in someone else's words and intentions, the good in the difficult lesson that may be so painful for me to understand or come to terms with. Doing this can be effortless at times, or it can be consuming and exhausting and leave me questioning everything. Regardless, I'm always working to see the good. Operative word = working.

Shine and smile,